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Why Choose Us?-Investment Casting/Sand Casting/Machining


We support our customers strongly by providing:

1.Competitive Price
Since the cost of manpower is low in China, our price is usually 20-40% lower than the international market price, which will make our representatives very competitive in getting orders.

2.High Quality:
We are implementing a TS16949 quality system, and all our manufacturing suppliers and subcontractors are ISO9000 certified. Our engineers are well trained with quality control processes (PPAP, SPC, etc.) and will implement process control per customer request.

3.Short Lead Time in Product Development:
We can offer samples of simple machining projects within 7-10 days and samples for casting, stamping toolings within 20-40days.

4.Excellent Service:
All our customer service people are fluent in English. They will take excellent care of your needs and transfer all the technical drawings and specifications into Chinese and follow up precisely and carefully. For overseas delivery, we can arrange shipment to any seaport, airport, or directly to the customer’s warehouse in Europe and/or North America.


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