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Product Name: 

Detail Feature:
Product Name:  Bucket teeth
Materials:  alloy steels
Items: FOB NingBo or ShangHai
Lead time: 30 days
Place of Origin:  Ningbo,China
Main production equipments: Wax injection, CNC-machine,,Heat treatment Furnace
1) We have the catalog including different kinds of standard  specification,Side Pin Teeth And Adapter For CAT J200, J225, J250, J300, J400, J450/460, J550, J600, J700, J800 Teeth And Adapter For CAT Side Dump Bucket Unitooth For CAT 20, 25, 30, 35 Ripper Teeth For CAT R300, R350, R450, R500, R550 Ripper Guards And Ripper Shanks For CAT Grader Shanks And Teeth For CAT Weld-on Heel Shrouds For CAT, Side Bar Protectors For CAT Side PinAnd Adapter For KOM PC60PC1250 Unitooth For KOM WA30WA600, Ripper Teeth For KOM Conical Teeth And Adapter For ESCO 18, 22, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 Super Conical Teeth And Adapter For ESCO: 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 86 Helilok teeth And Adapter For ESCO: 21, 27, 37, 47, 57 Ripper Teeth For ESCO: 22, 25, 35, 39 Teeth And Adapter For H & L: 23, 24 Teeth For HENSLEY: 156, 220, 290, 310, 330, 370, 400, 410, 550 Teeth And Adapter For Volvo Teeth And Adapter For BOFORS B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 Teeth And Adapter For FIAT 22, 24, 26, 28 Teeth & Adapter For BOBCAT, Unitooth For HMK Teeth For LIEBHERR, Teeth And Adapter For HYUNDAI V Series Teeth And Adapter For DAEWOO, Side Pin Ned Teeth And Adapter For DAEWOO Teeth For KOBELCO, Unitooth For KAWASAKI MINI Unitooth, FAI Kom (FMK) FK Unitooth For FIAT Hitachi FIAT New Holland, Unitooth For JCB Teeth And Adapter For Hitachi, Teeth And Adapter For Case.
2) We can do different kinds of surface treatment after casting, such as , polishing, and plating
3) We make them by preciesion casting,and steel sand casting process in Ningbo,China
4) They are using for Heavy Equipments and others

5) Chemical Composition:
C0.32   Si 1.32-2.0  Mn 0.8-1.5   Cr 1.5-2.5   Mo 0.15-0.3   Ni0.8   P<0.030  S<0.030

Mechanical properties:
Hardness :48-52HRC     Toughness: > 25J/cm 2 

Caterpillar Style 
1U-3201 1U-3252WTL 9N-4253 CAT330 1U-3351P 1U-3352RC 9N-4352
6Y-6221 1U-3252WTL 9N-4303 1U-2208 7T-3401P 1U-3152RC 8E-4402
1U-3251 1U-3302WTL 9N-4353 1U-2209 9W-8451P 1U-3552RC 9N-4452
1U-3301 1U-3352WTL 9N-4453 3G-4258 9W-8551P 6I-6602RC 9N-4552
1U-3351 7T-3402WTL 6Y-2553 3G-4259 1U-3202 1U-3252SYL 7Y-0602
7T-3401 1U-3252WTL 6I-6603 3G-5307 6Y-3222 1U-3302SYL 9U-9702
9W-8451 1U-3552WTL 6I-8803 3G-4308 1U-3252 1U-3352SYL 1U-3302RE
9W-8551 61-6602WTL 9N-4252 3G-1357 1U-3302 8E-4402SYL 1U-3352RE
1U-3301 1U-3302RC 9N-4302 3G-4309 1U-3352 9W-8452SYL 7T-3402RE
7T-3402 9W-8552SYL 9W-8254RE 7T-3402P 4T-2253 9J-4309 6K-1965
9W-8452 3G-8250 9W-1345RP2 9W-8452P 4T-2303 9J-4359 6K-1964
9W-8552 4T-1300 9W-1453RP3 9W-8552P 4T-2353 6Y-7409 135-9390
6I-6602 8J-3350 9W-1553RP2 6I-6602P 7T-3403 9J-4459 6Y-6335
4T-4702 4T-3400 9W-1553RP3 1U-3202TL 9W-1453 9J-4559 8J-6207
1U-3202P 8J-1450 4T-4702RP 1U-3252TL 9W-1553 7I-7609 1U-1857
1U-3352P 7J-9550 1U-3209 1U-3302TL 4T-4703 4T-4709 1U-1877
1U-3202P 4T-2203 6Y-8229 1U-3352TL 4T-2253RP/PT 9J-8910 114-0465
1U-3352P 6Y-6223 9J-4259 7T-3402TL 4T-2303RP/PT 9W-4551 114-0466
1U-3452TL 4T-2353RP/PT 4T-4501 4T-5502 1U-1354 6Y-3254 107-3554
1U-3552TL 7T-3403RP/PT 9W-2451 4T-5452 1U-1355 119-3253 107-3555
6I-6602TL 9W-1453RP/PT 9W-4552 4T-5503 1U-1356 3G-6304 107-3556
4T-4702TL 9W-1553RP/PT 9W-2452 6Y-0359 8E-0464 3G-6305 119-8604
4T-5501 61-6603RP/PT 8E-8503 6Y-0309 8E-0465 3G-6306 119-8605
4T-5451 4T-4703RP/PT 114-0453 135-9300 8E-0466 8E-9490 8E-2184
4T-4502 4T-1204 6Y-0352 144-1358 7J-9554 6I-6354 1U-0257
6Y-3553 1U-1254 119-3204 135-9400 8J-7525 6I-6355 1U-0307
4T-5501 1U-1304 6Y-3224 138-6451 3G-0169 6I-6356 4T-4307
138-6552 9J-8929 6I-6404 4K-6148 3G-8354 6I-6554 3G-9307
135-9600 1U-1350 6I-6405 4K-4962 3G-8355 6I-6555RH 3G-3357
5K-2924 1U-1351 6I-6406 4K-6984 3G-8356 6I-6556LH 1U-1357
5K-2925 1U-1352 1U-1454 P23 125-8404 6I-6604 8E-1637
5K-2926 3G-6304 6I-6464 P24 125-8405 6I-6605RH 119-8606
4K-9636 3G-6305 6I-6465RH 8J-2929 125-8406 6I-6606LH 1U-1358
4K-0034 3G-6306 61-6466LH 5K-8287 114-0464 9J-4207 1U-1887
8J-4691 133-0705 6I-9898 3G-4309 3G-2357 112-2487 4V-0668
6I-8243 133-7416 8E-2467 3G-8309 6Y-5230 112-2488 4V-3851
1U-1359 100-7416 8J-2936RH 3G-8309 2D-5572 8J-9614 2V-7053
1U-2208 100-7416 4J-8665 3G-5358 5B-6251 8J-9615 8E-5309

Army and Navy armament

  • Parts for the car industry and heavy goods vehicles
  • Secondary constructions for cars and trucks
  • Ship building
  • Nuclear and electric power
  • Building of railways / subways / tramways
  • Engines/compressors/turbines
  • Building and public works equipment
  • Agricultural and forestry equipment
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Valves/cocks and fittings/pumps
  • Motor sports
  • Aeronautics and space
  • Offshore 
    They are using for Drilling rig, Agricultural machinery parts, Auto parts, Rail wagon parts, Train part, truck part, Trailer, Carriage part, Excavator part, Vessel part, Mining part, Valves, convey machinery part, forklift part, Backhoe loader, Crane part, Derricks part, Transportation Equipment part, Ground engage Tooling, CNC center, Machining centers, Hook lift trailer, Rock breaker, Road construction Equipment part, Compactor, Grader blade part, pipe connection and others.

We are China CNC Machining Parts manufacturer offer best CNC Machining OEM, ODM,service.

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